Online credit: how long does it take to withdraw?

A quick payout should actually be a hallmark of online loans. After all, internet loans are often thought of as instant credit, quick credit or lightning credit. How long it takes until the payment is made – more precisely until the money arrives in the borrower’s account – depends largely on whether the loan processing Read More

What is the real cost of a payday loan?

A project in mind, but not the means necessary to finance it? A bank account in bad shape? The payday loan can meet your most diverse needs! But like all credit, it comes at a cost. See of critique. And it is essential to properly evaluate it before signing any contract, and therefore to Read More

Loans for debtors with a bailiff – what can the loan market offer us?

Loans for debtors with a bailiff are nothing new. It has been seen for some time that debtors with bailiffs have access to various financial products. Who offers the best products? What types of commitments should be considered? Check! Loans for debtors with bailiffs – who offers the best products? One of the oldest financial Read More

Real estate rates: they stabilize, the average loan duration decreases

For the second consecutive month, the average mortgage loan rate stood at 1.13% in February 2020 according to the Housing Credit Observatory / CSA. At the same time, the average duration passes the 19-year mark. In calm water since October Since last October, the mortgage rate has stabilized between 1.12 and 1.13% according to the Read More

Loan insurance: when it explodes the rate of wear.

Low mortgage rates, a blessing for all borrowers? “No” will answer the elderly and those working in a risky profession! At issue: the calculation of the usury rate, which collapsed due to the fall in mortgage rates, but mechanically excludes the profiles least favored by loan insurance. Explanations. The perverse effect of low mortgage rates Read More

What is the special loan offer without a job.

Not only a financing model is possible for the loan without a job. A specific model can only be recommended if the personal circumstances are known. The article provides examples of different life models and the resulting credit opportunities. A credit without a job – creditworthiness without a job income If the creditworthiness were solely Read More

Loan without entry in the land register.

Real estate loans are generally linked to a land register entry. Exceptions are possible if the loan amount is less than USD 50,000 and the loan applied for is used for the renovation or remodeling of an existing property. Many banks use the product name modernization loan for such a loan without a land register Read More

Loan with a bailiff – check if you can!

None of us would like to face the bailiff. The moment when it takes a salary, a car or a bank account can be very stressful. The question immediately appears in my head, what next? Is there a chance to get a loan from a bailiff? If so, how does it work? You will learn Read More